Indian Food Wholesalers

We are proud to supply a number of reputable and esteemed eateries throughout the UK with our delicious range of vegetarian Indian dishes. Cooked in-house at our own purpose-built facility, we have been delivering exceptional, authentic Indian curries, snacks, meals and sweets for many years. Our reliable service, in combination with traditional cooking techniques, fresh produce and delicious recipes has made us one of the most sought after Indian food wholesalers in the area. Based in Birmingham, our cooking has been enjoyed far and wide. we have hundreds of dishes to choose from that can satisfy your customer’s demands and match the exacting quality of your existing in-house food production. We are more than happy to assist with your selection and can discuss our range, dietary specifications and any bespoke requests. Contact us today for more information.

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For reliable, affordable and top-quality wholesale supply, contact us today.

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